A town called Rangiora

So I’m here in New Zealand, I’m not in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown which for most of the people I know and where I come from that’s really all we know about this country in terms of cities and towns, no offense NZ… I’m not living in a big busy city but I’m not in the middle of nowhere either… so where am I?

Well let me introduce you to a town called Rangiora. To be technical, I’m not living in the town of Rangiora, I live in Waikuku which is a township about 10 minutes from Rangiora. They really don’t have much in Waikuku, a gas station, paddocks, farms, houses and from where I’m living it’s about 3km from the beach. There you go, meet Waikuku.

Both are in the Waimakariri District of Canterbury in the south island, Rangiora being the largest town. I may be a country girl but I have to say it’s quite nice living that close to a town. My mode of transportation right now is my bicycle which takes 25 minutes to get to town. With that good Canterbury wind though (rolling eyes & sigh) it’s more like 35 minutes. So basically it’s about a half hour bike ride to town.


It’s a town with a very strong sense of community. It certainly caters to the farming in the area and gives a feel of semi-rural life.

High street is full of cute cafes and places to eat. I love Artisan Bakery! So much choice, massive building and So So good!


There are quite a few beautiful high end boutiques, clothing and decor… I look but I don’t touch. Bit out of my price range.  There are other shops all around the town that do cater to different price points and you really can find all that you need.

Besides shopping, there are a few cozy parks, I made my way to Victoria Park with a sandwich and a good book. There’s also Dudley Park Aquatic center which is a poplar pool for all ages which I haven’t made to yet but will probably be some of the warmest water you will find in NZ!

They have harness racing, bike trails—Rakahuri MTB Park, the beach is close by and accessible through all the surrounding towns to the east; Waikuku beach, Woodend, Pegasus. Nice little bike trail meeting up to them all—Tuhaitara trail.

There’s lots to do in this town. A good place to stay if you’re travelling through NZ and want a more rural feel to your stay.    And just remember, you’re in NZ and especially if you’re Canadian… NOTHING is too far away!

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