Settlin’ in, where I am now!

Hey… hi… ya its me… I’m back…. I’ve successfully completed the first thing they say you shouldn’t do when starting a blog… stop posting. Quite obvious.. but I’m back. And I have lots to tell you!

This past month has been a bit of a busy one, from moving and starting a new job, visiting with my Canadian girls, riding in the mountains and road tripping!

Since a month ago, I have moved from where I was when I first came to New Zealand.   I’ve moved out to the country, although most places in the south island feel pretty country. I’m now living just outside a small town called Darfield. Chris’ work at the farm took us here and we are so fortunate to be able to move in one of their farm houses.  I have a beautiful view of the Torlesse mountain range and surrounded by farmers fields, sheep and horses.


I’ve also started a new job! I’m working at a seed/research company called Agriseeds assisting with the plant breeding team. Pretty cool job so far learning about the different way of farming here and everyone is so friendly!! Funny enough, they have another Canadian employed and my boss and his brother married Canadian women… I’m inclined to say, we taking oooveerrr.

On a side note for all my Ag friends following, we work with ryegrass and clover. I do a lot of hand harvesting, plant threshing and seed cleaning with machines so far. Also packaging seed and just helping out wherever I can. I was lucky to get what they call a casual postion which means full time and have work until I visit home again in May. A great way to get my foot in the door in the NZ Ag industry. Couldn’t have worked out more perfect! Gotta pay the bills somehow right!

I take full advantage of my weekends off and try to go somewhere or see something new every weekend or at least every second. There’s so much to see here without going very far!

The beginning of the month we Canadian girls took over for a day! Jess has moved here from the east coast of Canada and Hana’s moved to the north island from good ol Portage la Prairie. We had a great day catching up, walking at Taylors’ Mistake and smelling the sea air at Sumner Beach.


IMG_7429     IMG_7427

Hana and I did a little exploring at Washpen falls. A lovely walk with a great view, waterfall and not too steep so we could walk the next day. There’s so many walks to go on here. You don’t have to be hiking the famous mountain peaks like Mount Roy or Mount cook and be an avid hiker to get your share of walking the outdoors.



I was lucky enough a few weekends later to go up with Laura riding in the mountains. Surprisingly, something I’ve never done. For my horsey girls, my mount was a 5 year old Irish Sporthorse, Chase. Very sweet and level headed. A little stubborn at times but he worked hard and it was a great day!

IMG_7546   IMG_7543 IMG_7550

I have a lot more to tell you! We just came back from a beautiful trip up to Nelson, sunshine capital and my new favourite place!

PS. Will write soon !! 😉

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  1. Seems like you are settling in very well! Yeah to Canadian girls! This being International Women’s Day and all!

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