13 shots in 3 months- iPhone photography

Being in New Zealand is what I would consider a photographers dream… I think.. I mean I’m not photographer or anything.. I like pictures though.. does that count?!

Well, I find the country super photogenic. I’m obsessed with water here. The rivers are spectacularly clear, the lakes are stunning shades of blue and it seems most are always surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush greens.

Pictures are memories, so wherever I go I take like 5000 shots, just so I don’t forget. Mmmmaybe not that much but you get it, I have so many photos!

I’m getting a little better at taking them. The idea is there for sure but I can only do so much with my iPhone…. I’m not working with a Nikon D750 or even a Coolpix. It’s just my iPhone 6.

I’ve narrowed it done a lot, so here are my 13 favourite ‘scenery’ shots I’ve taken with my iPhone so far. None of these have been edited. Total originals. Enjoy!


Lake Wanaka

IMG_4399Pelorus Bridge, Marlborough

   IMG_4126 (3)

Roaring Meg power station , Kawarau River


Lake Tekapo


The Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo


Waikuku Beach




Washpen Falls track, Windwhistle


Washpen Falls, Windwhistle


Lake Coalridge, Canterbury


Pelorus River, Marlborough


Marahau, Abel Tasman


Lake Rotoiti, St Arnaud (Nelson)


As you can tell I love scenery with water, whether its the ocean, lake or a river! Do you have a scenery preference? Do I have any iPhone photographer buddies out there?!




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