Kiwis, you rock!

10 things kiwis rock at!

I have just come home from NZ for another summer break in Canada.

I’ve been home only a few days and completely and totally miss the country! Aetoroa, you have my heart.

Leaving your home and exploring a new one really lets you see things differently, appreciate your own country and also make you think, wow they’re actually doing it right!

Yes NZ roads are the worst, along with their internet connection but I could still go on and on about how amazing and totally awesome New Zealand is. Why you might ask, well here’s a few reasons why I think NZ totally rocks!

1.Epic landscapes

So you have the definition of epic in north America, which by the way is highly overused.

No dude your new haircut or landing your skateboard trick is not epic. Stop using that word for things that are just normal or close to mediocre that no one really cares about but you.

Sorry that was mean but if you have seen NZ you will know why I say that. The word epic, or amazing, or astonishing should be reserved for this country and its landscapes. I don’t know how to even explain it, you have to see for yourself.  The diversity is unreal and certainly blew me away!

castle hill panoA view from Castle hill



2. Bakeries

I’m surprised that 5 months of NZ bakeries hasn’t sent me into a food coma or I’m not 300 pounds. I say this because there are bakeries everywhere and you know what they are freaking awesome.. so good.. all of them! Lemon curd muffins, sausage rolls, caramel squares, pies oh so good , and so fresh! I don’t get to see that too often. It seems McCafe is the new bakery. Sad really.


3. Internet banking

The banking system and transferring money within the country is sweet. Because NZ has such a small population it is the perfect place to try out new things for the rest of world especially technology minus internet speed. All the banks coordinate with each other so sending money to someone even if they don’t have the same bank is literally done with the click of a button. No emails, no security questions just make sure you have the right numbers.

4. Support local

I hear this all the time in Canada, support local, keep small businesses going, keep it Canadian. In theory it’s a great idea but with the mass amount of big chain stores like Wal Mart it’s easy to one stop shop for cheap.

Maybe it’s the fact that Kiwis are used to paying high prices for just about everything, I don’t know but if there’s a product Kiwis like and made in NZ they’re all in even if it’s a few bucks more. I think it’s pretty cool!

Speights beer is a good example. Just about every pub supports Speights and has their logo on the front of their pub.. and trust me, there are A LOT of pubs there! Most people I met were quite conscious about what shops they go to for groceries and would always opt for a NZ company before anything else, especially Australia.

kirwee tavern

5. Public restrooms

This sounds funny I know but if you have to pee every hour on a road trip like me you’ll be thanking the kiwis for their planning of public restrooms pretty much everywhere.. North Americans… well we use fuel stations, and then We feel compelled to buy something, but we don’t and we know we’re being judged by the attendant walking back to the car… not so much fun. No need to worry in NZ though, pee guilt free

6. SO Chill

.I’ve probably mentioned once or twice how chill and nice kiwis are and I’m really convinced that out of everyone in the world, they really are doing it right. Everyone that I met, no joke was so friendly and kind. No stress and they take things as they come. I quite like this concept!


7. Brains and beauty

I think NZ is really an underrated country and they don’t get enough recognition for the greatness that has come from their country. There has been amazing discoveries and social movements that have happened which to be honest, I really never knew about until someone told me. I feel like we’re made to feel in geography and history class that NZ is too small to care about. Shame.

Nelson is home to Ernest Ruthford, the father of nuclear physics. He became one of the greatest scientists ever and at such a young age. He’s totally fascinating! 1893, NZ was the first country to allow women to vote. First flight in the world by Mr. Richard Pearse and of course Sir Edmund Hillary being the first to ever climb Mount Everest plus tons more cool inventions and firsts!

Ya, wayyy cool.

sir edmund hillarySir Edmund Hillary on a 5 dollar NZ note

8. Rugby

Being canadian and so close to the states I am used to a country crazy over their sport, hockey for Canada, football for Americans. Pretty much everybody has played and every little boy (in their father’s eyes) will grow up to be in the NHL or NFL.

NZ of course is known for its Rugby and is a total craze over there, just like hockey in Canada. The difference, the NZ All Blacks has the highest winning percentage in the world, undeniably the best sports team ever. Winnipeg percentages over 94% and consistently over 77% for the last 100 years. I think I may write a post just about the All Blacks and their amazing talent to win.. Also so that I can post pictures like this.

Yes ladies, you are welcome.

all blacks
All blacks doing their super intimidating Haka- war chant of sorts before games

9. Preserving the wilderness

I was quite impressed in the south island how respectful they are with nature and their surroundings. I’m no David Suzuki here but I think it’s really cool how this island has so many spots untouched by developers wanting to make money.

I’m from the prairies in what used to be a country town so I know life outside the city, but even now, there’s just expansion everywhere for housing, shopping, roads…

The topography of NZ and population is certainly different but even still, the general consensuses is to leave nature alone and preserve NZ’s beauty.


10. Sheep, sheep and more sheep.

No doubt the south island in NZ is all about farming. Yes there literally is sheep. You will not go there without seeing a sheep or meet a farmer who has sheep. It’s like a farmer requirement.

I just love watching these little fluff balls.   Probably a favourite past time of mine. I do occasionally have a chat with them from the side of the road just for fun. Scares the shit out of them but entertains me. They are actually hilarious to watch. They’re not the sharpest tools in the shed, but they make the ag industry there go round.


Have you been to NZ and thought, wow this country is doing it right? Maybe travelled abroad and something has stood out to you?

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