Me, May & Manitoba

It feels like I just got home (Manitoba) from home (NZ). I keep telling people I got back 2 weeks ago. Well that’s wrong. It’s been almost a month already! Time is seriously flying by!

SO fast!

My first stop off the plane was of course to my baby… I know any horse or animal lovers can totally sympathize how hard it is to leave our animals. My guy, Samson, is still happy and healthy and as the kiwis say, good as gold!

He’s just so tired from his exercise :P!

I’ve spent most of all my time since I got home at the beginning of May working on décor and getting things ready for my brother’s wedding! Bachelorette party, wedding shower, ceremony and rehearsal dinners, brunch and the actual wedding all in one weekend!

Total bridal marathon.

I was so busy I didn’t take very many pictures of anything but here’s a few!

Friday- ceremony rehearsal at the beautiful Pineridge Hollow!
Followed by our game night bachelorette party! Maid of honour Kira made us all an escape room. It was amazing! Kinda had to be there!

Saturday- Wedding shower day! Yoga followed by an afternoon of high tea and goodies!


Sunday- Wedding day! Despite that it rained all day, it really was a beautiful day! Shout out to Pineridge Hollow for the lovely venue, Buttercream by Alareen for the wonderful cake and Academy Florists for the beautiful flowers and table garland!

It wasn’t totally easy the first two weeks settling back into home again. Living alone for a year then moving back in with mom and dad is a bit of a challenge and having to leave my love in NZ wasn’t easy either but I’m only here for the Canadian summer and it won’t be long until I’m on a plane again and upset about leaving.

A start and go kind of life for bit but so far I’m handling it! Just a crazy cycle I’m living!

I’ve also been tirelessly applying for jobs, going for interviews and getting my painting business going again in Manitoba.

Here’s a look at what I do. Painter by day, dream traveler by night!? ha! one day, I’m getting there!

Anyways, that’s me, in May in Manitoba!

What do you do when you’re home from travelling? Do you find it easy settling back into your other life for a little bit? Any advice for me?

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