Grand Beach– Manitoba’s little paradise

When you think of white sand beaches, warm water and sunshine the first thought is probably Mexico or somewhere tropical. I know mine is.

Do I live in the tropics with such things? Of course not, I live in Manitoba…

That’s what I thought anyways…

Turns out, there’s a special place here called Grand Beach that has the most beautiful beach! Named one of the nicest in North America, it’s Manitoba’s own little tropical paradise (minus the palm trees).



There’s a few cute shops on the boardwalk and a snack shack as well as ice cream where I of course indulged in the best Poutine with the biggest cheese curds.. mmmmmm.





A very busy spot especially on the 40 degree days like this past weekend but with 3 km of beach you’re sure to find a spot. Not only is it a stretch of fine white sand, it is backed by up to 12 meter sand dunes. A unique spot of beachy bliss.



Situated in Grand Beach Provincial Park outside of the beach are great trails for biking and walking. It is heavily forested but the paths are mowed and cleared just make sure you keep your eyes open for bears! Manitoba is NOT NZ and free of wildlife with huge claws!


Have you been to Grand Beach or is it part of your summer plans? What do you think of this Manitoba paradise?!

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